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Tisza is an ancient Hungarian landrace industrial hemp strain which for at least 1,000 years has been the backbone mainstay of the Hungarian hemp fiber industry. Superior fiber production, moderate but high-quality seed production, moderate CBD production but reliably-compliant (3-7% CBD, 0.12-0.19% THC), rich terp profile. Tisza is increasingly seen in the EU CBD hemp-flower retail/bag market and is a top performer in recent US industrial hemp research variety trials.

Tisza hemp is named for the River Tisza, one of Europe’s major rivers that helped the city of Szeged (also famous for paprika) become a major player & nexus in the industrial-scale collection, manufacture & distribution of hemp textiles & cordage. By the late 1800s/early 1900s at least 2 gargantuan hemp manufacturing complexes/manufacturing-towns (like Pullman but for hemp 🙂 were serving growing markets for fine-quality linen, yarn, rope, canvas, and other shipbuilding products (oakum…)  (Hungarian word for hemp = kender)

(Photo shows Bakacs hemp factory in Szeged Hungary, 1890’s, the steam-powered hemp processing machinery used hemp hurds as fuel)

When grown for flower, emerald-green buds put out unique fruity watermelon flavor from Tiza’s rich well-rounded terpene profile dominant in myrcene, caryophyllene, ocimene, pinene, terpinolene, humulene, limonene.

Well studied as a fiber/industrial variety including a strong performer in 2015-2018 Colorado State University Agricultural Research Station field trials: Best above-ground biomass/fiber yield & stem yield (stems = 88% of above-ground biomass). Relatively thin stem diameter: 4.8mm. Plants (when grown for fiber) can reach 11 feet/3.5m. Best stand/lodging rate of all industrial varieties tested (90+%) (lodging rate = the % of plants that fully survive the entire season). 63-75 days until full-flower (outdoors in Colorado) (140-160 days to produce seed). Derived from traditional/heirloom hemp landrace, southern-Europe subtype (thrives best in Mediterranean scrub habitat & climate)









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63-75 days to full-flower (outdoors in Colorado), 140-160 days to seed

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Tisza hemp landrace (southern-European/Mediterranean subtype) from southern Hungary
Limited Edition runs of Pacific Northwest Cannabis Genetics (bred in Oregon) and global heritage hemp landraces.
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