Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • $10 flat-fee shipping (covers entire order) for most US orders, usually sent USPS Priority Mail with package tracking.
    • Exceptions: Large, hard-to-package and/or orders requiring special handling, extra packing material, special delivery arrangements etc. may require extra shipping and/or handling fees. Some larger, bulky and/or delicate items will automatically add extra shipping fee to order. If any order requires extra/ custom shipping we would inform/ discuss before proceeding. Please notify us during checkout of any special shipping needs/arrangements. Local pickup / delivery available if you’re in the Motor City.

  • All orders are discreetly & nondescriptly packed & labeled.  Packing slip (inside sealed box) contains enough info to help us ensure we pick, pack & address the correct items, packing slip doesn’t contain personal payment or billing details.

  • Most orders are processed & traveling within 1-3 days, we would contact you if any delays expected over regular processing or shipping timeframes.

  • Shipment Tracking:
    • * When your order has shipped you will receive an email with package tracking number(s).
    • * If you have/create a Motor City Seeds account then real-time tracking information/link is always available via your account Orders list/dashboard.
    • * If you order/checkout as Guest and don’t have a Motor City Seeds account then if you misplace your tracking # email our friendly support team can look up/provide your shipment tracking # upon request.

  • Shipping terms: All orders shipped Carriage Paid To (any risk for delivery transfers to Buyer when we hand your order to shipper, Buyer responsible for purchasing any desired insurance and for filing/ following up on any shipping claims). Please indicate during checkout if you want insurance (our support team will follow up with info on options/costs).  (It’s our experience that the vast majority of USPS Priority Mail packages w/ regular package tracking make it to their destination AOK.)

  • International shipping (anywhere besides USA): Due to the complexity of our product, international shipments happen smoothest when Buyer initiates the shipping order using Buyer’s preferred carrier/shipping account and makes arrangements for any transit-related fees, duties, declarations & documents (customs forms, certificates etc.); we work with Buyer’s shipping, legal, and/or accounting team(s) to properly prepare your parcel for smooth hassle-free travel (which may include careful (re-)packing & document preparation to help satisfy local import requirements; handling & documentation fees depend on complexity of your order/geographical logistics).
  • Whilst our seed packs are all hermetically-sealed-by-breeder & handled/stored with care, once your parcel is shipped from our seed vault(s), your package has the possibility (due to Mother Nature + the nature of the shipping industry) of encountering a potentially wide/extreme range of temperatures during its journey. Factors that can influence the temperatures experienced by a parcel (and therefore your seeds) include real-time weather conditions along the entire route of travel + the overall time a package spends in extreme-condition locations (Temperatures inside shipping warehouses, airplane cargo holds, delivery trucks, mail-carts and mailboxes can reach at least º20F above or below outside temperature; the range of potential outside temperatures across the continental USA = -40°F to +130°F)…

  • Although cannabis hemp seeds are generally hardy, durable & resilient (at least a couple of today’s favorite legacy strains were spawned from 10+-year-old beans… and the cannabis hemp species didn’t make it 28+ million years by having weak seeds :-), seeds & pollen keep best by avoiding rapid shifts/ extremes in temperature or humidity. Depending on the weather/ season you may want to consider a few precautions to help your parcel have as mild & mellow of a journey as possible:

    • We actively monitor real-time & upcoming weather and when potential extreme conditions are forecast, try to schedule shipments to reduce likelihood that seeds will travel (& potentially sit in a hot/cold warehouse or delivery truck) over a weekend.

    • You know your local delivery landscape/ context better than we do; please try to retrieve your parcel as soon as possible after it arrives especially if it could be left in a temperature-sensitive place (i.e. a mailbox/ porch/ etc. that bakes in sun or freezes in chilly winds…).

    • Our Climate-Care Shipping upgrade is available: If you select Climate Care Shipping during checkout then we will carefully insulate & climate-protect your package: $20 upcharge ($30 total shipping) for most US orders, covers insulating & temperature-regulating material appropriate for upcoming weather conditions (icepacks etc.) & larger-size/up-tier Priority Mail box (to accommodate extra insulating material) (Above upcharge/fee is for most US orders. Larger shipments and/or extra-heavy-duty insulating/packaging may require custom upcharge). (If you select Climate-Care shipping then our team will reach out to coordinate optimal delivery & would let you know if any special handling is advisable.)

  • All prices & payments listed on our site are in $USD

  • We accept snail-mail payments via paper check, money order (USPS or Western Union), and cash. (If paying via other than cash, your order will be shipped as soon as payment has cleared/processed.)

  • Payments accepted via these types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin BTC, US Dollar Coin USDC, Shiba Inu SHIB, Dogecoin DOGE, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, or DAI.
    • Real-time payment/status updates provided via our crypto payments processor Coinbase Commerce; please complete/put through your payment/transfer within 1hour or your order will be canceled.

  • Additional payment options available (Venmo, CashApp, Revolut, wire and/or bank transfer) to customers in selected locales who we already have a relationship with. Relationships can be developed by placing an order and/or reaching out.

  • We are currently not accepting credit card payments because in order to take credit cards, Bankers (via their Underwriting Guidelines) have asked us to censor our website, including prohibiting any mention or discussion of:

    • * Emotions or feelings (!)
      * Tastes or flavors
      * Any references to Smoking or Blazing
      * Also on the naughty/banned words list: high, weed, THC, CBD, euphoria, aphrodisiac 🤫
      * Any references to psychoactivity or euphoria
      * Any references to health and/or physical, mental or emotional wellness
      * Any details about potency / THC or CBD percentage (including state-certified lab test results…)
      * Bankers also want us to censor our educational material on The History of Cannabis And Religion including cannabis-related quotes/citations from the Scriptures & sacred texts of the world’s religions including the Holy Bible, a recent peer-reviewed research study proving hallucinogenic cannabis use in the ancient Kingdom of Judah, a recent rabbinical commandment/mitzvah & kosher cannabis blessing, the Vedas (Hindu scripture), and 3,000-year-old Taoist scripture…

    • * In addition, Bankers are asking us to speak mis-truth by prohibiting any language which infers that any of the seeds we sell could produce THC or CBD, along with any language which implies that the seeds we sell could grow into plants that produce cannabis. 🤔

    • * We may reconsider accepting credit card payments if/when we find a Banker with underwriting guidelines that do not ask us to misrepresent the nature of our products, prohibit discussion of basic human metabolic & physiological processes (tastes, emotions, psychoactivity etc.), nor censor educational, historical or sacramental speech. Until then we appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience, and encourage you (#WeedThePeople) to #GetInvolved and voice your support for regulatory/banking reform to help #FreeTheWeed.
  • Once your payment clears, orders often begin processing/packing immediately, sometimes via multiple warehouses/seed vaults. If you place an order, want to make a change, and can get ahold of us (quick!) before payment and/or goods have begun physically processing/ moving then we may be able to modify/change an order. Once your order has processed then all sales by Motor City Seeds are final (no refunds) however all of our breeders warranty their gear so if you should require service/support for your gear (defects germination etc.) please contact breeder directly. 

  • All of our breeders guarantee customer satisfaction with their gear, all gear service/support is provided directly by each breeder; replacement/service policies may differ by breeder, each breeder’s gear guarantee/service/support policy is listed on our Guarantees page and on each strain’s Product Page/listing.
  • In the USA, since the 2018 Farm Bill went into effect all cannabis hemp seeds, as they do not contain THC or CBD, are classified/regarded as industrial hemp products i.e. uncontrolled/no longer included in the Controlled Substances Act, i.e., cannabis seeds are in the same legal category as hemp-yarn socks or edible hemp protein powder, i.e. uncontrolled & (from a regulatory perspective) treated just like any other everyday consumer product:

  • Cannabis hemp seeds, regardless of the variety & cannabinoid content of the plants those seeds may produce, contain at most an infinitesimal/barely-trace level of THC or CBD:  the legal limit (in USA) of THC for a product to be considered a legal hemp product = under 0.3% (3 parts per thousand), where a review of basic cannabis hemp botany + peer-reviewed research shows that cannabis hemp seeds invariably contain between 0.0% to a maximum upper boundary of 0.0124% THC, and therefore conform with the definition of uncontrolled/unregulated product.

Many of the original source genetics in our strains (especially landraces) were originally grown for use as temple offerings or sacraments consumed/offered in local religious, shamanic, funereal and/or ancestor ceremonies. Multiple well-documented archaeo-anthropological-botanical discoveries dating back over at least 3,500 years (including ancient burial tomb & temple excavations) all included cannabis hemp seed, flower and/or resin remnants/ fossils/ artifacts in the close possession of persons of religious significance. Cannabis’s ancient presence in human religious practice is also confirmed by multiple reverent mentions across 6,000+ years in the sacred texts/scriptures of many of the world’s faiths….

  • If COAs (Certificates Of Analysis) (aka lab reports) are available for a strain this will be indicated in the Product Details. To protect integrity many breeders will not openly post their COAs but may share with a grower that has genuine need & agrees to respect grower’s wishes w/ COA privacy. If you’d like to see COAs for a strain(s) please enquire with enough info about your project (e.g. why you need COAs) so we know you’re for real.

  • Bulk Packs & Volume Discounts:

    The availability of bulk packs, and price breaks/volume discounts at various quantities, varies by breeder & strain. Some of our seeds/strains/varieties are one-time-only small-batch runs with limited quantities available & some strains sell out fast (so get ‘em while we got ‘em!), others have production/multi-acre/hectare quantities available:

    The availability of bulk/volume discounts is indicated on each strain’s product listing/page (in the Details/Parameters section). For strains where bulk packs/volume discounts are available, typically only small-pack sizes are listed in our shop but when “bulk/volume-discount availability” is indicated then upon request breeder will happily make up a custom-size bulk/field pack based on your needs (the volume discount/price break depends on breeder, order size and genetics).

    Many of the strains/varieties in our regular Motor City Seeds catalog/lineup show bulk quantities available (as listed in Strain Details/Parameters), we also have a selection of Off-Menu / Breeders Special Reserve bulk seed lots stashed deep in the vault (3,000-20,000+ seeds available per Off-Menu strain, 15+ strains,  over 200,000+ Off-Menu/Breeders Special Reserve beans available for bulk orders), in a range of excellent Med/High-THC and Hemp/High-CBD genetics/ varieties/ strains. Please enquire for info about our Off-Menu/Breeders Special Reserve bulk seed selections.

    All of our breeders that offer bulk quantities/volume discounts will happily work with you to assemble a custom seed package with pricing tailored to the needs of your project & parameters so if you’re planning a larger grow or have specific genetics requirements please get in touch for white-glove service ~ we’re happy to help put together a bespoke genetics bundle that meets your budget and maximizes your yield. We love & welcome special requests!