About Motor City Seeds

Since 2014, Motor City Seeds seedbank has been providing authentic religious souvenir cannabis / hemp seeds, pollen and germplasm to help preserve and steward our planet’s collective cannabis hemp genetic, cultural & spiritual heritage and biodiversity.

Motor City Seeds’s founder Corey has been growing and field-testing cannabis genetics & gear since 1986, and is a avid traveller to Costa Rica; after bringing back some landrace genetics from an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica, he worked on several breeding projects then opened Motor City Seeds in 2014 to help share his love of cannabis genetics, biodiversity, and growing the dankest weed ever.

Our Motor City Seeds team of strainhunters, genetics researchers & strain preservationists explores the four corners of the globe to bring you the world’s finest and most interesting selection of the rarest, most uncommon and dankest cannabis religious souvenir genetic preservation specimens & Farm Bill-compliant organic non-GMO terpy hemp seeds available.

Our catalog explores the rich diversity & genetic provenance of cannabis / hemp strains (aka cultivars/ chemovars/ chemotypes/ varieties), with a focus on old-school favorites, deep cuts from the vault, indigenous native local heirloom landrace varieties & local ecotypes, and stable reliable genetics (including inbred lines aka IBLs) by solid breeders who know their stuff.

The gear we purvey brings potent cannabinoid profiles (we offer a diverse range of high-THC strains along with cultivars rich in other cannabinoids such as CBG,  THCv, and solid high-CBD low-THC state-certified reliably-tests-under-limit organically-grown hempseed), our range of genetics boasts uncommon terpene & flavor profiles (including local-heirloom/indigenous landrace genetics rich in rare & therapeutically-valuable terps such as ocimene & azulene).

We also carry industrial hemp strains (we stock many EU-approved & well-researched industrial hemp strains traditionally selected & utilized for specialized applications such as textiles, cordage, fiber, grain & oilseed, hurds, cellulosic-feedstocks/biomass & other manufacturing inputs), autoflowering and feminized seeds, beginner- and newbie-homegrower-friendly strains, advanced-skill/expert-level varieties, regeneratively-bred seeds, landraces aka local ecotypes. and pollen (our pollen is available either fresh-harvest/immediate-delivery or we also offer custom-batch made-to-order pollen for your special breeding projects).

Documentation (including COAs/lab-reports, germination tests, and phytosanitary certificates) is available for many of our varieties along with bulk field packs/volume discounts for larger orders.

We also offer a stylin’ range of fun collectible gear (stickers/slaps, headgear, soft goods, merch etc.) so you can properly rep your favorite breeders & makers ..

To help fulfill our triple-bottom-line mission (to Conserve and Regenerate Cannabis Genetic Diversity & Germplasm and Increase Consumer Awareness of the Many Benefits of Biodiversity) we also:

  • * initiate, lead & support projects which help regenerate biodiversity while developing landrace heirloom indigenous-varietal products & markets for landrace indigenous varieties
  • * actively educate & promote ecological principles and regenerative practices

Plus we also regularly offer exclusive rare & special limited-edition surprise drops found nowhere else on the planet!

In our quest to bring you the hottest & tastiest fire-beans for your hotbox, we grow-test & smoke- test as many of our seeds & strains/varieties as possible in our Motor City Green Zone caregiver gardens…

[note, we only sell seeds not flower, all produce pictured is illustrative, no flower for sale/seeds only] 

Motor City Seeds always has been and always will be GMO-free: we will never carry any gear produced with or that came anywhere even remotely close to any form of artificial genetic engineering or genetically-modified organisms. (None of our gear has been or will ever be CRISPR’ed…). [Protecting and safeguarding our planet’s cannabis hemp genetic heritage]

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