Mission & Values

Our Mission:

To supply & support a sustainable ecologically-optimized cannabis hemp industry with genetics, gear and resources that promote biodiversity & resilience, locally-adapted varieties (local ecotypes), the conservation & regeneration of genetic diversity, healthy soils, and cultivation practices that integrate & harmonize with the surrounding ecosystem and landscape.

Our Values:

The cannabis hemp plant has since ancient times been associated with numerous collectively-shared environmental and social values which we align and resonate with, including:

  • Biodiversity & resilience
  • Native, indigenous, or locally-adapted/naturalized species & cultivars (aka local ecotypes aka landraces)
  • Conservation & regeneration of genetic diversity, germplasm & genetic material (including the origin habitats/ecosystems where genetic material is sourced/obtained from)
  • Pollinator habitat
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Mitigate external threats/environmental stressors (to agro-ecosystem health and genome integrity)
  • Sustainable agriculture practices (organic biodynamic regenerative permaculture etc.) that promote soil health and integrate/harmonize with the surrounding ecosystem & landscape
  • Homegrown, artisan/craft-grown, family-farming
  • Cultural heritage value (iconic species & landscapes)
  • Developing one’s sense of interconnection with the natural world
  • Participation in natural processes & cultural traditions
  • Religious, sacred & traditional ceremonial/ritual use
  • Traditional medicine
  • Traditional ecological knowledge
  • Sacred ecology: reconnecting with nature, spiritual renewal & personal transcendence
  • Healing, restoration & regeneration of the biosphere / global ecosystem
  • Environmental ethics & intergenerational justice
  • Community, cooperation & symbiosis
  • Universal brotherhood/sisterhood & global harmony / One Human Family