Product Terms & Conditions

Product Terms & Conditions Of Purchase

By placing an order, Buyer agrees to the following terms & conditions:

All our products are sold in Michigan USA and title passes to the Buyer in Michigan. By placing an order, Buyer authorizes us to have the product shipped on your behalf by common carrier for delivery to your selected destination. Under the terms of sale, the common carrier is acting as your agent. You may desire to insure your shipment.

Shipping terms: All orders shipped Carriage Paid To: any risk for delivery transfers to Buyer when we hand your order to shipper, Buyer responsible for purchasing any desired insurance and for filing/following up on any shipping claims.

International (outside of USA) orders: Our system does not calculate international shipping charges. Preferred method for international orders = Buyer initiates the shipping order using Buyer’s preferred carrier/shipping account and makes arrangements for any transit-related fees, duties, declarations & documents (customs forms, certificates etc.). Every country has different taxes, customs and tariffs that you may have to pay. We are not responsible for additional charges that may be added to your order. We advise you to check with the destination country’s local shipping official regarding taxes or custom charges that must be paid before your order is released. 

All sales are final (no refunds); for this transaction Motor City Seeds is acting as manufacturer’s (breeder/maker/supplier)’s agent and after-purchase warranty service is provided by/per each breeder/maker subject to each breeder’s guarantee policy which can be found on the Guarantees page of our website.

While all our seeds, pollen & germplasm are viable, all are sold as religious souvenirs in accordance with regulations in some localities. Our religious souvenirs are carefully stored handled & packed and are provided in original breeder-sealed packaging. Performance depends on a variety of factors including local conditions and grower skill, for any issues with religious souvenir performance contact breeder directly for their product return/support policy, breeders are responsible for any replacements/ returns/support. (If for some reason you should happen to get souvenirs you’re not happy with we can help connect/pass along any feedback/ to breeder.) Many of our strains are provided as Open Source or Creative Commons license however some breeders may provide their genetics subject to license agreements (including Cannabis Breeders Rights Licensing Framework) and/or restrictions on commercial use and/or no artificial genetic engineering/modification/GMOs allowed (any license agreements/etc. are provided with product/item).

In accordance with regulations in some destinations, our seeds are sold as religious souvenirs. ***Cannabis / hemp seeds (regardless of variety/strain) do not contain THC or CBD.*** Buyer assumes all responsibility for complying with applicable regulations in destination location. We dispatch our seeds with the reservation that parties will not use them in conflict with local law. While cultivating cannabis is a basic and fundamental human right (it’s the first plant humans ever cultivated, and if George Washington & Thomas Jefferson could grow cannabis hemp then so can you!), depending on where you are, germination of various species of plant seed may be perfectly legal for anyone & everyone, or perfectly legal for adults only, in some localities household cannabis cultivation is encouraged & even incentivized by local government, in other localities it may be illegal or only permitted by adults with medical cards and/or caregivers and/or licensed & regulated cultivators & researchers. In some countries, the freedom to trade, import, stock and/or supply hemp seed is clearly incorporated in the National Opium or Narcotics Act legislation. Regulation and implementation of hemp seed legislation often differs from country to country and can differ within/between a country/state/ county/ municipality/district/ prefecture/locality/etc. Buyer assumes all responsibility for understanding & complying with any regulations governing Buyer’s locality(s) and market(s).

Sometimes exemption, licenses or other permission can be obtained for industrial, medicinal and agricultural applications. In a number of countries trading in hemp seed does not require a permit, however, a notification requirement is sometimes imposed in the event that hemp seed is imported/exported for the purposes mentioned above. If the notification requirement is applicable, you should inform us or the relevant authorities or both (as applicable) in good time. Please notify us of any documentation requirements that can help your shipment satisfy local import regulations (Buyer responsible for any document preparation & handling fees that may apply). Some of our breeders’ strains have phytosanitary certificates with certified copies available. Be informed before purchasing. By purchasing, Buyer affirms they have reached the local adult age of majority, is aware of their local laws & regulations, and waives any liability towards Motor City Seeds or its agents if Buyer acts outside local laws & regulations. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason we deem necessary. We value and protect the privacy of our customers. We appreciate your interest in our fine authentic religious souvenirs!

Revised April 20th, 2022