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Strain Profile Notes:

Tiborszallasi: ancient historical landrace industrial hemp strain from the northeast corner of Hungary (near Romanian border) in a region where hemp has been continuously cultivated for at least 1,000+ years. Originally bred for fiber (lighter/finer-grade) & seed production, this EU-certified OECD A-list variety is also filling bags on the European CBD flower market (sometimes packaged as East Dream).

Intense woody spicy wild-berry flavor from terpene profile that includes a-pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene

CBD levels usually hit 2-4% outdoors, 9+% indoors. THC levels around 0.2% (see Note).

Leaves are dark green, the stem is a little bit lighter green and grooved. Unique 9-point leaf shape. Fiber content (when grown for fiber) is about 30% of above-ground biomass.

If rainfall is higher then maturing time is shorter. Veg period in Central-Europe is 105-110 days for fibre & 135-140 days for seed. If sown for fibre, average height of Tiborszallasi is 250-300 cm (9-10 feet), if sown for seed height can reach 4-5 m (16 feet). Stalk production: 9-12 t/ha. In the way of biomass production the Tiborszállási hemp variety reaches 13-15t/ha yield, but it needs a different growing technology than for the fibre application.

To optimize yield, adjust planting & care regimen towards desired output/end-product (fiber vs. seed vs. flower): Has much more stem and fibre yield in Northern countries but in many places can not be produced for seed up north (season too short). Can be produced in any kind of soil, however better soil makes higher yield. Tiborszallasi grows best in well-drained fields.  Avoid fields & soils with a lot of inland/standing water. Too much rain after emergence can decrease yield very much. High yield & good fibre quality can be achieved by proper population density, but it can vary in different regions and also depends very much on the use of the plant.  For best seed yield, this variety needs lots of water and higher than average temperatures late in the growing cycle.

Note: Although this is an EU-certified approved industrial hemp/compliant variety, THC levels (like most hemp) are dependent on a range of local factors & (for this variety more than some others) can fluctuate over course of season; plan harvest time wisely if aiming for low-THC compliance: a recent (2021) European field trial tested 3 Tiborszallasi phenos. All phenos tested compliant at end-of-season/harvest. In one pheno, THC levels were mildly over-limit (0.7% THC) earlier in the flowering cycle however as flowering progressed, THC levels decreased to within EU-compliant limits (~0.19%).









Regular / Natural-sex

Season length:

105-110d (fibre) 135-140d (seed)

Grow-skill level:

Requires attention to detail to optimize output

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Northeast-Hungary hemp landrace
Limited Edition runs of Pacific Northwest Cannabis Genetics (bred in Oregon) and global heritage hemp landraces.
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