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Kompolti is an ancient Hungarian industrial hemp landrace traditionally used for fiber & seed, also recently being grown for CBD:

Kompolti hemp is the oldest variety registered in Europe: a stabilized/improved landrace cultivar that originated from the Fleischmann variety developed in Hungary in the 1920’a (by Rudolf Fleischmann who founded the Kompolti Research Institute). The Flesichmann source strain was derived from the local peasant/farmer mostly-sativa (northern-Euro-subtype) hemp landraces grown in northern Hungary for generations (likely since at least 900AD: the first written reference to hemp in Hungary was in a royal customs bill from 1198; at that time hemp was already considered an age-old native common crop…)

Ivan Bosca stabilized/improved the strain over 20 years (including adding – we think-  Chinese & Italian hemp genetics) into today’s modern Kompolti variety which has been well-studied & included in the EU’s official approved hemp strain list.

Kompolti has the highest fiber content (and stem productivity) of any known hemp variety.Also produces high-quality/nutrition-rich seed/grain/oilseed. Modern varieties have been bred to increase CBD content (anywhere from 3-15%CBD); medium-CBD phenos tend to be reliably compliant/low-THC, higher-CBD phenos have been known to potentially run mildly hot depending on growing, nutrient & harvest conditions + grower skill.

Flavors (when grown for flower) include balsam fir forest/earthy piney with hints of citrus, lemon & mango accented by a note of woody hazelnut.

Grows very tall fibre (3.5m/11ft) with late flowering outdoors: The vegetation period in Hungary is 110-115 days from germination if cultivated for fibre. If growing for seed, seeds ripen in 150-160 days.. Indoors (for CBD): 52-68 days or 6-8 weeks.

The most suitable soils for this variety are alluvial & chernozem type soils. Yield is increasable by mild nitrogen but nute overdosage decreases plant quality. High yield and good fibre quality can be achieved by proper population density: sowing 3.5-4 million viable seeds/hectare (1.4-1.6 million seeds/acre) (in the vicinity of 33-37 seeds per square foot).









Regular / Natural-sex

Season length:

110-115 days (fiber)
150-160 days (seed)
52-68 days around 6-8 weeks (indoors/flower)

Grow-skill level:


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Fleischmann hemp (stabilized Hungarian landrace ~1920) x Fleischmann hemp [w/ additional genetics from China & Italy]
Limited Edition runs of Pacific Northwest Cannabis Genetics (bred in Oregon) and global heritage hemp landraces.
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