Carmagnola Selezionata aka Select Landrace Hemp

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Strain Profile Notes:

Carmagnola Selezionata (Italian) aka Carmagnola Select (English) is an improved industrial hemp variety developed in 1968 from the old Italian heirloom landrace hemp strain Carmagnola which hails from the Turin region. Carmagnola Select was developed to increase the percentage of long fiber contained in the stems of the mother Carmagnola variety. Contains higher-than-average CBD content (compared to other European varieties).

Re-added to EU Approved Varieties list in 2021 for 10 more years (2031) (had been dropped from EU list for a few years for reasons that were bureaucracy/paperwork-related not THC-related.)

Flavors include sweet tart pineapple with musty earthy loam-like undertone and a hint of lemon freshness from terpene profile of myrcene, caryophyllene, terpinolene, humulene, pinene, limonene.

CBD levels between 3-10%. THC levels around 0.2%. 160-180-day veg, flowering cycle lasts 7-9 weeks where it does best w/ decrease in humidity during last 2 weeks of flower. Can withstand cold, harsh environments but prospers the most in warm, sunny locations. Can stretch from 7-21 feet (can be SCROG’ed indoors if height is an issue).









Regular / Natural-sex

Season length:

160-180 days (outdoors in southern Europe)

Grow-skill level:

Can require care w/ maintaining proper parameters (height, humidity) unless you happen to live in suitable outdoor climate with similar climactic/seasonal variations

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Carmagnola (Southern Italy Landrace) pheno stabilized/improved in 1968 into Carmagnola Select
Limited Edition runs of Pacific Northwest Cannabis Genetics (bred in Oregon) and global heritage hemp landraces.
OLE will replace any gear that fails to germinate or provide satisfaction. Please provide a photo of the issue you’re having so OLE can help diagnose/ remedy.
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