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Strain Profile Notes:

Originally a “super cherry” phenotype of Cherry Wine then inbred for 5 years, Super Cherry hemp boasts extremely impressive terpene profiles & aesthetics. Greener flowers tend to have higher CBD content with fruity, gassy and earthy notes, while the purple phenos show the highest trichome production and usually smell of grapes, hemp or soil. Sensitive to being rootbound. Greener phenotypes tended to yield more with big, heavy colas, although they had higher chances of bud rot in humid climate. Purple phenotypes had very high resistance to mold and bud rot. CBD 12-20%, THC 0.3% (CBD & THC ratios/production influenced by local growing/environmental conditions including providing (indoors) natural night/dark-period temperature swings..)





CBD 12-20%, low/compliant THC




Regular / natural-sex

Season length:

Late September-early October (in Oregon climate & latitude)

Grow-skill level:

Average / all skill levels

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Bulk packs / volume discount = available

Super Cherry F1 x Super Cherry F1
[Original line = Cherry Wine, inbred for 5 years by open-pollination]
Vagabond Seeds = breeders growing for breeders… Vagabond organically breeds cannabis & hemp foundation seed (great for breeding, hunting, sifting or searching) with superior potent physical traits acclimatized to outdoor conditions in southern Oregon.
Vagabond will replace any seeds that fail to germinate.
$10 flat-fee shipping for entire order. (For most US orders. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.)


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