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Motor City Dank

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About Motor City Seeds

Since 2014, Motor City Seeds seedbank has been providing authentic religious souvenir cannabis / hemp seeds, pollen and germplasm to help preserve and steward our planet’s collective genetic, cultural and spiritual heritage & biodiversity.

Motor City Seeds’s founder Corey has been growing and field-testing cannabis genetics & gear since 1986, and is a avid traveller to Costa Rica; after bringing back some landrace genetics from an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica, he worked on several breeding projects then opened Motor City Seeds in 2014 to help share his love of cannabis genetics, biodiversity, and growing the dankest weed ever.

Our Motor City Seeds team of strainhunters, genetics researchers & strain preservationists explores the four corners of the globe to bring you the world’s finest and most interesting selection of the rarest, most uncommon and dankest cannabis religious souvenir genetic preservation specimens & Farm Bill-compliant organic non-GMO terpy hemp seeds available. Our catalog explores the rich diversity & genetic provenance of cannabis / hemp strains (aka cultivars/ chemovars/ chemotypes/ varieties), with a focus on old-school favorites, deep cuts from the vault, indigenous native local heirloom landrace varieties & local ecotypes, and stable reliable genetics including more about us…

Fresh collectible RegenProject gear coming soon...

H E R E ' S     W H A T ' S   H O T

B E S T   S E L L I N G

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