Sweet Dream (Fruity Pebbles x Blue Dream)

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Strain Profile Notes:

Sweet Dream is a perfect pairing of elite cuts of Fruity Pebbles OG x Blue Dream.  Tastes of fruity hash come to mind with a full-on Funkadelic Fruity Kush smell… Flowers = as Bag Appeal as it gets…. FPOG parent seeds were acquired @ Emerald Cup @ $1k/seed, FPOG parent brings super funky aromas with excellent structure. Blue Dream papa (acquired from trusted friend of friend) was a rare blue pheno that was truly a Dream of a plant, an obvious winner with many fantastic fluorescent trip-a-delic colours to add to the Fruity Pebbles bouquet already spectacular itself… The two made perfect love and these seeds are the result: a rare limited-edition release (120 total seeds available) of MTF Genetics Lab and truly keepers.





High-THC / Medical




Regular / natural-sex

Season length:

75-80 days indoors

Grow-skill level:

Average / all skill levels

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Fruity Pebbles OG x Blue Dream
[Fruity Pebbles OG = (Green Ribbon x Grand Daddy Purple) x Tahoe Alien]
[Blue Dream = Blueberry x Original Santa Cruz Haze]
MTF Genetics Lab seeds are bred by the legendary MTF Jeff Wells. For 38 years MTF Jeff has been breeding the finest rock-solid cannabis genetics in Alaska & Hawaii with a focus on old-school favoritess, fireass autoflowers, purps, preserving & stabilizing/IBL legacy genetics and all things Bubba… All MTF Genetics Lab orders come with bonus/freebie seeds.
MTF Genetics Lab will replace any seed that should fail to germinate or produce fire. For any issues with gear performance requiring breeder service/support, please provide a photo of the issue you’re having so MTF can help diagnose/remedy.
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1 review for Sweet Dream (Fruity Pebbles x Blue Dream)

  1. J

    Excellent heavy duty structure from the Blue Dream father from orig breeder and rare blue male dad w tons of funk n color/resin. This strain has been kept very tight and sales for high high dollar in AK at $5500 a pound . And not released in seed form ever like this . The Emerald Cup Fruity Peebles was one of the highest dollar in seed form sales at 1 k a seed . Others like Sin.City n a few others only have fem examples and no others have bred this two rare phenos or two of the most famous strains out there . The blue pheno blue Dream was heavy outdoors and was over a pound of dried flowers that the seeds were obtained n with the F.P. mother it’s one of a kind fire . Won’t be released ever again in reg form only Fem seeds and cuts for 1 k are usually only available to partners . This is huge fruity ,gassy Og hazy hash powered strain with super high THC ,one of a kind bag appeal ,lots of colors attached and faster then either parent . The fruity Peebles father is a rare elite male cut unreleased and is one of the highest demand strains w Elite Cannabis crowds . In Hawaii it’s 120 for 3 grams n sales out on the North Shore and in Maui and is grown there w one pheno cut where these seeds are non bottlenecked specimens with best phenos that are unreleased . No bad phenos . Picking good structured male is key for breeders here . Was hard for MTF J to release these but with his high regards for Motor City guys this is one drop you don’t wanna miss. As more than a customer and Motor City Seeds you can rely on the bahaijji’s knowledge and find some of the rarest strains from indigenous supplies like no other and with one of a kind drops like this one. Sold

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