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Strain Profile Notes:

A superstar powerhouse quad-Kush cross whose parents include old-school Bubba x 1990’s upland Hindu Kush IBL (inbred line carefully maintained for 20+ years). Flavor includes overtones of coconut-cocoa-butter suntan lotion with a hint of sugary caramel mixed with the snappy briny twang you’d get if ya dipped a Kush doobie in the ocean. Fast & hardy, grows into big extremely Kush-dominant bushes. If put straight into flower indoors at 6-8 inches they will stay under 4 ft. Good for light dep. Grown outdoors the sky is the limit with many 10 footers with yields over 3 lbs depending on grower skill. Not for rookies (if not monitored correctly yield & quality will suffer, requires careful attention to pH nutes & airflow with minimal handling/shock, yields best when left to mother nature). Highest THC (20-30%!) at 55 days, the high/terpene profile gets trippier/more couch-lock at 65-80 days.









Regular / natural-sex

Season length:

55-80 days

Grow-skill level:

Expert/ advanced-growers recommended (see strain notes)

COA(s) available?

COA available upon request

Bulk packs/volume discounts available?

Bulk packs/ volume discounts are available

Bubba Kush OG x 90’s Upland Hndu Kush IBL (inbred line) x 2 Secret Mystery Kushes
MTF Genetics Lab seeds are bred by the legendary MTF Jeff Wells. For 38 years MTF Jeff has been breeding the finest rock-solid cannabis genetics in Alaska & Hawaii with a focus on old-school favoritess, fireass autoflowers, purps, preserving & stabilizing/IBL legacy genetics and all things Bubba… All MTF Genetics Lab orders come with bonus/freebie seeds.
MTF Genetics Lab will replace any seed that should fail to germinate or produce fire. For any issues with gear performance requiring breeder service/support, please provide a photo of the issue you’re having so MTF can help diagnose/remedy.
$10 flat-fee shipping for entire order. (For most US orders. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.)


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