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Himalayan Blue Autoflower: Tastes earthy & piney, leaves are mostly blue w/ pink hairs with a handful of blues-&-purples… Hardy & resilient, good for newbies. As with any autoflower in seed form: start in 2” x 2” start cubes then transplant into larger container (at least 2-gallon) within 5 days. This auto strain roots way faster than photoperiod varieties, providing plenty of room for the taproot is crucial to yield (if you let autofower taproot hit bottom of container too early then yield suffers). This strain is a MTF Genetics favorite and is an autoflower genetic backbone for many other breeders.









Regular / natural-sex

Season length:

60 days germination to harvest

Grow-skill level:

Beginner / newbie-friendly / resilient

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Bulk packs/ volume discounts are available

Sourced from Himalayan mountain wild landrace: F20 IBL (inbred line)
MTF Genetics Lab seeds are bred by the legendary MTF Jeff Wells. For 38 years MTF Jeff has been breeding the finest rock-solid cannabis genetics in Alaska & Hawaii with a focus on old-school favoritess, fireass autoflowers, purps, preserving & stabilizing/IBL legacy genetics and all things Bubba… All MTF Genetics Lab orders come with bonus/freebie seeds.
MTF Genetics Lab will replace any seed that should fail to germinate or produce fire. For any issues with gear performance requiring breeder service/support, please provide a photo of the issue you’re having so MTF can help diagnose/remedy.
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