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Sheberghan is an easy-grow, beginner-friendly indica landrace from Silk Road region of northern Afghanistan legendary for producing exceptional quality sticky/fruity sieved hashish. Most plants have pleasant hashy/earthy smell with subtle notes of Skunk, flavor is Fruity Hashy Citrusy with sweet aftertaste that coats the mouth & throat and lingers for a while.. Weed is very tasty which suggests high sesquiterpene content, smoke from Sheberghan soothes the mind & relaxes muscles. Plants are robust & resilient, produce leafy buds covered in sticky frosty trichomes, can withstand temperature swings & very high or very low temperatures, likes relative humidity (RH) to be low (~30%) during flowering; fall season is dry in Jowzjan Province origin climate). Easy to manage both indoors & outdoors, produces strong sturdy branches that almost never need support but tend to double in size during the flowering stretch. Medium feeders: they require higher nutrient levels than most landraces although not as many nutes as most modern cannabis hybrids.










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9-11 weeks

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Improved landrace variety (stabilized by Khalifa Genetics to thrive indoors), origin genetics = landrace from Jowzjan Province (Afghanistan) Latitude: 37°N
Khalifa Genetics is a small group of passionate breeders (based in Spain) who share a common vision: Creating the most unique stable true varieties based on old landraces, rare strains and mythical landrace varieties from the Orient. Carefully selected aromas, the best tastes and quality of experience are what we are after. Each strain in our catalog is the fruit of many years of hard work. Each and every one results from a cross between landraces or rare strains (part of our collective human heritage) we carefully selected and stabilized over many generations. We will never make any of our varieties available to our customers unless it has been thoroughly tested. Because customer satisfaction matters tremendously to us, we only release strains that are absolutely outstanding. Preserving The Diversity: We also offer landrace varieties because they are part of our heritage as humans. Landrace strains have been around for thousands of years but are now quickly disappearing due to eradication campaigns and contamination by modern hybrids. Because they have adapted to the local environments where people would grow them all over the world, many landraces have developed certain particularities that can make them very interesting to breeders and collectors alike. Our seed production is 100% organic. Growing organically gives stronger plants that will produce healthier seeds.  Our seeds are stored in a dedicated facility & we also regularly refresh our seed stock. Our varieties are specially bred for organic gardening. Although they would also thrive in a conventional garden, the Khalifa Genetics’ Cultivars will express the most incredible flavors and effects in an organic garden.
We will replace any seeds that do not provide total satisfaction & delight. Happy to answer any customer questions.
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