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1/2 gram (about 1/2 of a small dimebag)$400.00
1 gram (about the size of a small dimebag)$800.00

Strain Profile Notes:

Note this is a sample info-only product listing just so we have somewhere to post general info about our pollen. When we do have pollen selections available in stock they will be displayed in the Pollen aisle/page: 

Cannabis / hemp pollen is typically a limited-availability/each-batch-sells-out-quick product (pollen is delicate & highly perishable, not many breeders offer it on a consistent basis and when they do put out a batch it tends to be a one-off/short run..). When we have pollen in stock it often goes fast and the strain(s) selection fluctuates often so if you see any in stock then grab it while we got it…

If you should have an urgent need to chuck pollen then we can usually find a breeder with some special-order flower-dust available to share, however at any given moment the strain selection/options can be ephemeral (i.e. may or may not be limited or may change frequently.)

Note: Due to the sensitive/perishable nature of this product we only ship pollen when climate/weather conditions are favorable along the entire route of travel and/or depending on the weather/season you may want to consider our Climate-Care shipping upgrade.

All product details listed on this info packet are sample/illustrative. On real pollen product listings the product parameters reflect the traits of parent. The prices listed for this sample info packet are illustrative and based on spot-prices recently seen by our breeders; real pollen prices can vary widely depending on the qualities (lineage etc.) of each batch/ run and may be lower or higher than the sample prices listed here.

[If you join our Motor City Pollen Club (special mailing list exclusively for pollen-chuckers) you’ll be the first to know when we have fresh pollen drops in the pipeline for purchase and/or pre-order.]










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Bulk packs/volume discounts available?


[depends on source/parent]
Special packing & shipping fees may apply depending on climate/weather.


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