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Sex + Pack SizeStrain / VarietyPriceQuantity 
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenBlue Kali fem$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenDiesel fem$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenDurban fem$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric x Kush Wreck$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenKush Wreck$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenMonster Mash$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenPound Cake$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenSativa Kali$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenSisters hemp (CBD)$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenSuper Cherry hemp (CBD)$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenTrain Wreck x Cinderella 99$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenR3 (Iranian x Otto Z)$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric F2$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric x Train Wreck x Cinderella 99$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenGrape God x Kauai Electric$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenPeaches x Train Wreck$300.00
Regular / Natural-sex, 0.3g pollenBlue Shoe Kush$300.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenBlue Kali fem$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenDiesel fem$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenDurban fem$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric x Kush Wreck$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenKush Wreck$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenMonster Mash$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenPound Cake$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenSativa Kali$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenSisters hemp (CBD)$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenSuper Cherry hemp (CBD)$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenTrain Wreck x Cinderella 99$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenR3 (Iranian x Otto Z)$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric F2$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenKauai Electric x Train Wreck x Cinderella 99$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenGrape God x Kauai Electric$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenPeaches x Train Wreck$900.00
Feminized, 0.3g pollenBlue Shoe Kush$900.00

Strain Profile Notes:

Vagabond Seeds offers fresh made-to-order pollen (feminized and/or natural/regular-sex), from any of the 17 genetics/strains/flavors in the Vagabond library, on a custom-batch pre-order basis:

For the genetics/parentage of your custom-batch pollen, you can select from any of the 17 strains/varieties available in the Vagabond Seeds genetics library (any of the 10 strains on MotorCitySeeds’s regular Vagabond THC & CBD menu, and there are 7 additional off-menu Breeders Special varieties available from deep within the innermost sanctum of the Vagabond Seeds vault…) You also have the option of selecting either regular/natural-sex and/or feminized pollen. (Feminized pollen will produce all female seeds on any mother/female plant you pollinate it with. Feminized pollen is much more labor- and resource-intensive to produce which is reflected in higher pricing for fem pollen.)

Perfect for your next breeding, strain improvement/stabilization or feminization project!

Turnaround time: Since each batch of pollen is custom-produced, there is a 4-month turnaround/wait time (i.e. your pollen will be ready 4 months after you place your order, for example an order placed on May 1 would be delivered in August..).

Custom-order payment terms: Each batch of pollen is freshly custom produced to-order/on-demand which means no worries about old/stale pollen, also means that breeder is doing a special grow run/cycle just for you: all pollen custom pre-orders require an up-front deposit (of at least half the order total) at the time the order is placed. Remainder of order total is due when pollen is packed & ready to ship. For the up-front deposit, customer has option of either paying for entire pollen order up-front, or if customer prefers to pay half up-front then use the coupon code POLLENFRONTHALF during order checkout to apply a 50% discount to the up-front payment. (If the half-up-front payment option is chosen then the remainder of order total is due when pollen is packed & ready to ship.). All up-front deposits/pre-payments are non-refundable, the only exception would be if breeder is unable to deliver product/pollen due to factors beyond our control (crop failure etc.) which would be the only situation where an up-front deposit would be refunded. (i.e. For custom orders our breeder is making a dedicated long-term commitment of resources specifically for your pollen/project so all pollen custom orders once placed are considered final.).

Pollen packing & pricing: In alignment with the latest research & guidelines on optimal cannabis pollen storage methods (see Development and Optimization of a Germination Assay and Long-Term Storage for Cannabis sativa Pollen by Gaudet et al), after harvest we mix & package our pollen with baked wheat flour in the recommended 1:4 ratio i.e. 20% pollen to 80% flour. (There are 5 million individual grains of pollen in a gram so your 0.3g pollen pack will contain at least 1.5 million grains of pollen. Even when diluted at 1:4 with flour there will still be way enough plenty pollen grains in your packet to get the job done and also research has shown that the flour plays a key role in preserving the viability of pollen during storage, by helping regulate/buffer the delicate pollen grains against any sudden changes in humidity or temperature..)
1/4 teaspoon of flour-packed pollen is considered plenty for a typical pollination session / run. 1/4 teaspoon of total pollination mix (flour + pollen) weighs ~1.5 g, and our pollen is mixed with flour at 1:4 (20%:80%) ratio, so each 1/4 tsp Pollen Pack contains 0.3g of pollen ( ~1.5 million pollen grains.). Pollen/flour mixture is packaged in sealed vial w/ desiccant pack.

Pollen packs are priced by the gram and pricing is based on the pollen weight (not the total pack/flour weight). Pollen prices are based on current market per-gram spot prices, with an up-charge to reflect a smaller unit/pack size plus the additional resources required for breeder to do a special custom dedicated breeding/production run specifically for your pollen..

Storage tips: Pollen is best used as soon as possible after it’s produced; if you need to store it for longer periods (up to 6 months) we do not recommend freezing your pollen unless you have the proper cryogenic & humidity-regulation equipment. Current research indicates that pollen keeps best when it’s stored either at liquid nitrogen temperatures (subzero), or if you don’t have cryogenic liquid nitrogen equipment then pollen stays freshest when it’s kept as close to 4º C (about 39-40º F) as possible, with low humidity and in a place with stable temperature & humidity, try to avoid any sudden changes in temperature or humidity as this can cause moisture condensation which can quickly degrade pollen viability. (For this reason, a dedicated pollen/seed storage fridge, which gets opened as little as possible only when placing/retrieving pollen &/or seeds, provides much better/more stable storage conditions than a regular highly-trafficked household fridge used for daily food).

Vagabond Seeds is one of Motor City Seeds’s top-selling breeders: crowd-favorite Cup-contending strains with customer appeal, monster yields (7-10’ tall plants), strong cannabinoid & trichome production (~25%+), diverse terpene profiles and excellent genetics/lineage including uncommon local landrace/heirloom varieties. All Vagabond gear is organically/biodynamic/living-soil grown. Several Vagabond flavors have made it onto medical caregiver regular menus and are now good sellers on WeedMaps with a devoted regional following…

The first 10 strains/varieties listed are in our regular Motor City Seeds catalog/lineup, more info via links below.


The other 7 strains/varieties are “Off-Menu / Breeders Special” (deep cuts from the Vagabond vault which aren’t on our regular menu). Please inquire for more info about any of the off-menu varieties, our current off-menu lineup includes:

  • Train Wreck x Cinderella 99
  • R3 Early (Iranian x Otto Z)
  • Kauai Electric F2
  • Kauai Electric x Train Wreck x Cinderella 99
  • Grape God x Kauai Electric
  • Peaches x Train Wreck
  • Blue Shoe Kush





High THC / Medical (CBD hemp pollen available too)




Feminized &/or Regular / Natural-sex pollen is available

Season length:

Turnaround time for custom pollen orders is ~4 months. (The season length of the pollen produced, depends on the genetics of parent strain/ variety..)

Grow-skill level:

Advanced / expert-level

COA(s) available?

COAs are available for many of the strains listed, please inquire.

Bulk packs/volume discounts available?

Bulk / volume discounts are available for larger pollen orders, please inquire.

[Genetics/lineage depends on strain/variety. Detailed genetics/lineage info is available for the varieties currently in Motor City Seeds lineup via the links above.]
Vagabond Seeds = breeders growing for breeders… Vagabond organically breeds cannabis & hemp foundation seed (great for breeding, hunting, sifting or searching) with superior potent physical traits acclimatized to outdoor conditions in southern Oregon.
Vagabond will replace any pollen that fails to pollinate. Please describe/document any issues you may be having (pictures are very helpful) to help breeder diagnose/remedy.
$10 flat-fee shipping for entire order. (For most US orders. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.). Note, this product is extremely perishable, depending on the weather conditions when your order is being shipped you may want to consider our “climate-care shipping upgrade” option which provides extra insulation / protection for your delicate pollen. Climate Care Shipping Upgrade option available during checkout. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.)


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