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The Cornbread Bubba repro is a classic cannabis mothersauce. Absolute world class smoke, power, effects, and flavor.   Typical kush yields, lots of tight tennis ball nuggets. tight rock hard round buds..  killer smoke…. 🤙 She sets off a little slow in veg from seed pop. (Her clones are faster to veg.) In flower she shoots straight up and maybe doubles in height. Stout sturdy bone staining flavored ogkush phenotypes on bubbakush frames can be found.





High-THC / Medical





Season length:

Average flower times 8-11 weeks

Grow-skill level:

Average / all skill levels

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Triangle Kush x Bubba Kush (R) (reversed male)
[Triangle Kush = 1992 Gainesville Green via Miami]
[Bubba Kush = NorCal/Humboldt 1992 Northern Lights x Silverlake OG Kush]
Two Dog Seeds hails from Eugene Oregon and focuses on genetic provenance, natural farming, connoisseur cannabis, and quality service. We create our own inputs & inoculants based on centuries-old natural regenerative farming techniques: we feed plants with plants, we harvest wild Oregon forest soil microbes and bring them into our recycled soil gardens and use those microbes to breakdown other wild plants to feed to our plants. this allows the plants we grow and select from to naturally express their qualities and leads to extremely clean, oily, and delicious flower.
Please let TwoDog know if any issues with gear.
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