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Bubba Kush S1: If you’re after Bubba Kush this is the crux.  Major effects. Deep smoke. Mouthfuls.

Bubba Kush is a favorite of medicinal cannabis patients and growers alike, prized for its high medical potency & unique earthy chocolatey hashy roasted-cacao-nibs-and-mocha-coffee flavor profile. Among other accolades, Bubba is the first cannabis strain to be an answer on Jeopardy (via being the 1st strain legally sold on opening day of the USA’s 1st adult use/recreational cannabis market).

Bubba’s roots i.e. How Bubba Kush Came To Be: In 1992, during his time visiting friends and attending concerts in Tulane, New Orleans, Bubba (Matt Bubba Berger) acquired seeds from a friend, Fat Larry, who told Berger that they were of the Northern Lights #5 strain. (Larry hailed from Northern California and would have herb sent to NOLA regularly from back home/Humboldt County.) Bubba brought the seeds back to Gainesville and planted them. A short and stumpy plant was selected from the batch, and Bubba named it The Bubba after all his friends. (Bubba’s grandmother was fond of calling him Bubi, and plus in Florida everyone calls their friends Bubba anyway, hence The Bubba). The Bubba was known for being exceptionally mold and stress-resistant i.e. bulletproof; during the original Bubba pheno/line’s time in Florida it was just The Bubba, The Bubba did not turn into Bubba Kush until the next leg of its journey:

When Matt accepted Josh D’s challenge and made his infamous 1996 cross-continental trip to Los Angeles/Silverlake, the original The Bubba cuts accompanied the original OG Kush (and KY) cuts in Berger’s rollerblade boot.  (Every Bubba cut and KY cut survived the journey, only one OG Kush cut survived.)  When The Bubba was brought west to LA/Silverlake it was grown out alongside the OG Kush. And one day (in 1997) The Bubba got pollinated by a rogue batch of OG Kush that went hermie: And thus, Bubba Kush was born…

While Bubba Kush and OG Kush were both worked in the same location by the same crew, Bubba Kush and OG Kush are indeed very distinct different cultivars & source genetics, as evidenced by the markedly different flavour profiles & differing bud/branching structures/morphology (Bubba = roasty chocolatey hashy, OG = piney-lemon-fuely although a true Bubba line can have phenos which pick up hints of the OG parentage including notes of 7-Up or Pinesol).

Bubba Kush was grown out alongside the OG Kush at first, but soon the original Bubba cut got tragically dumped due to a shortage of grow-space: the 1st Silverlake OG grow was small & hard to adjust height levels; OG Kush was tall & lanky and Bubba was short & beefy and it was hard to grow the two together so eventually the Bubba got dumped to maximize OG Kush output.

It is believed that today’s Bubba Kush strains are descended from either of two potential surviving lines/ sources: The original Bubba had several handfuls of cuttings handed out in the early days and there are believed to be keepers of the flame who still maintain the original lineage. And one day when Cypress Hill’s B-Real (along with his bodyguard grower & right-hand-man Kenji who was part of the original OG crew) stopped by to pick up their much-favored Bubba Kush they discovered one seed in their bags, giving Bubba another lease on life so it could grow into today’s beloved medicinal patient mainstay.





High-THC / Medical





Season length:

Around 9 weeks to flower

Grow-skill level:

Average / all skill levels

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Bubba Kush x Bubba Kush (R) (reversed male)
[Bubba Kush = NorCal/Humboldt 1992 Northern Lights #5 x Silverlake 1997 OG Kush]

Two Dog Seeds hails from Eugene Oregon and focuses on genetic provenance, natural farming, connoisseur cannabis, and quality service. We create our own inputs & inoculants based on centuries-old natural regenerative farming techniques: we feed plants with plants, we harvest wild Oregon forest soil microbes and bring them into our recycled soil gardens and use those microbes to breakdown other wild plants to feed to our plants. this allows the plants we grow and select from to naturally express their qualities and leads to extremely clean, oily, and delicious flower.

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