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B​uddha’s Hand was bred for high CBD & low THC. The Dream Tonic stud/male used in this cross Is very aromatic full of lite skunk & Northern Lights terps (originally created w/ Cherry Wine inbred line (IBL) x The Wife). W/ a more lanky structure, this male was shown to produce no detectable THC in veg. The mother of all mothers in this cross = the famed T1. This lady is one of the most beautiful & popular high CBD strains in Colo: T1 is known for terps of tangerines, honeysuckle & incense, its short stocky stature & ability to produce giant buds w/ high calyx to leaf ratio. Has shown to produce a 56:1 ratio.









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2-month veg 2-month flower

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T1 x Dream Tonic
[T1 = The Wife x HGH Cherry Wine F5]
[Dream Tonic = Cherry Wine IBL x The Wife]
High Alpine Genetics has a passion for growing the cannabis plant & strives to bring the most stable & reliable CBD (low-THC) hemp varieties to the market. Our seeds are Colorado Department of Agriculture Approved Certified Seed. All our varieties consistently test under .3% THC (of course, your THC levels will depend on maturity, stress level, night temperatures and growing environment). BREEDER DISCLAIMER: While all our CDA-certified strains excel in indoor growing conditions, THC levels tend to mildly spike for any hemp plant grown indoors due to high nighttime temperatures. For optimal CBD:THC ratios, plants should be grown outdoors. To replicate outdoor CBD:THC ratios, indoor grow environments should mirror that of late summer/early fall outdoor growing conditions. Leaf testing can be done above the 7th node, this will show how likely the plant is to produce THC, however most ratios increase and sometimes exceed expectations from leaf testing when grown outdoors. ***Pay close attention to later-harvesting phenos as cooler night temps later in the year will keep THC levels down**** Watering more often (up to 8x) than you’re used to will also help keep THC levels down, indoors and out.
High Alpine strives to provide the best organically grown feminized hemp seed on the market and guarantee your satisfaction with their gear or they’ll help make it right.
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