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12 seeds$80.00

Strain Profile Notes:

Smells range from blueberry cream & flowers to earthy/woodsy/hoppy with some pancakes mixed in. Interesting and unique high CBD cultivar with little to no THC (15-20% CBD, 0-1% THC). No high, just an uplifting experience that works well for those with chronic pain, inflammation, appetite stimulation and social anxiety. Some R4 leaners have a looser Haze structure, works great for extractions. The even hybrids have amazing Anthocyanin coloration that sets in resulting in a purple/ magenta hue.









Regular / natural-sex

Season length:

56-77 days

Grow-skill level:

Average / all skill levels

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Bulk packs / volume discount = available

R4 x Wildhorse
[R4 = Wu #1 x Blueberry Haze ]
[Wildhorse = (DoSiDos x Gorilla Glue) x (Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani)]
x Gorilla Princess)]
Hoku Seed Co = Industrial hempseed for the masses. Catering to diverse & unusual cannabinoid profiles, CBD-heads, hobbyists, growers, alchemists, & those pushing the envelope. Bred in Washington/PNW.
Your satisfaction guaranteed (seed quality, germination etc.).
$10 flat-fee shipping for entire order. (For most US orders. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.)


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