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Strain Profile Notes:

Rainbow Saber’s flavor notes are mostly breath and purple with OG and candy in the background, really really a complex, gassy thing with a bit of fruit too. Super enjoyable to grow, crazy resistant. The Dank Maul mama is not a widely well-known cultivar outside a particular circle of Colorado growers. She is a heavy hitting mix of Alien Rock Candy pollinated by a beastly OG Kush male resulting in an OG gas bomb with highly sedative and pain-relieving effects. Medium stature, chunky buds and strong smoke combined with the candy and citrus terpenes of the Taste the Rainbow stud make our Rainbow Saber a perfect choice for anyone looking for some tasty relief.





High-THC / Medical




Regular / Natural-sex

Season length:

8 – 10 weeks

Grow-skill level:

Average / All skill levels

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Bulk packs/volume discounts available?

Dank Maul  x  Taste The Rainbow
[Dank Maul = Alien Rock Candy x OG Kush]
[Taste The Rainbow = Mandarin Zkittlez X Peruvian Punch]
Heart and Soil Seeds focuses on preserving landrace and heirloom genetics from around the world while crossing them to well-known modern cultivars to create resilient, stable and potent strains with extremely unique flavors and effects. We produce and select everything in recycled & regenerative living soil without the use of bottled nutrients or harmful pesticides in order to minimize our ecological footprint and honor the natural systems of our planet and the plant.
If any of your gear fails to fully satisfy, Heart & Soil Seeds will replace or exchange, no questions asked.
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